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Sistahs in Business Spotlight: Meet Fonda Sloan of Mood by Sloane

Updated: Jun 22

Fonda Sloan, founder of Mood by Sloane had a love for fashion and reconstructing clothing from a very young age. She always had the ability to create something beautiful from the simplest piece of fabric. Four years ago, she was given a camouflage jacket as a gift, and decided to add some special touches. After stepping out with her friends to an event with her new and improved jacket, Fonda’s design received an immense amount of attention that night. This made her think, could she be onto something?

So, Fonda decided to host a pop-up event at her home for her family and friends where she would have products available for purchase. After testing the waters, she received an overwhelming response that inspired her to take the leap of faith. And just like that, Mood by Sloane was born.

When she first started her business, Fonda wasn’t sure about what items she wanted to sell. She began reconstructing everything in sight. As her business grew, she began recognizing her strengths and readjusted her product line to submit to the needs of her customers without compromising her mission. This helped her stick to what made her the happiest to create, and stay on the right track.

Designs by Mood by Sloane now range from altered camouflage and denim, to custom accessories such as fedoras, belt bags, and more. Mood by Sloane’s mission is to provide great customer service while creating unique, quality customized designs that allow you to make a statement anywhere you go.

One of her greatest challenges has been figuring out her target market, says Fonda. After dedicating her time and money hosting pop-up events throughout different locations to get much needed answers, she has finally been able to discover where and who her audience is. Fonda advises other fellow Sistahpreneurs to be intentional when choosing where to present themselves and their brand.

When asked, “What advice would you give to other women of color who are considering starting their own businesses, but may be hesitant to take the leap?” Fonda shared,

“I say to other women of color to step out on faith, don't be afraid to take that chance. Be humble, network, and stay in the company of others that move like you, think like you. Most importantly, believe in yourself and remove yourself from anyone that doesn’t uplift and support you.”

Fonda has formed a women’s group that consists of 10+ women and continues to grow. She has surrounded herself around other entrepreneurs striving to continue building their brands and improving their business strategies. Fonda says having the support of her network has helped her set and reach some of her professional and personal goals. She also incorporates gems she received from wellness classes with Dr. Joy and The Village Market Atlanta into her daily life.

Uplifting entrepreneurial women of color and giving small businesses a space to showcase their art and creativity is something Fonda has always been inspired to do. This is why Fonda is motivated by Aisha, Founder and CEO of Sistahs in Business Expo. Fonda is also heavily influenced by fellow Sistahpreneur Yandy Smith, who makes her feel like she can accomplish anything through hard work and consistency. She is also driven by her favorite mentor, Kim Lawson who has put Mood by Sloane in rooms with people who could potentially take her business to the next level.

Although she finds herself struggling at times with balancing the demands of running her business, Fonda tries her best to prioritize tasks accordingly. Building a rapport with her customers and setting expectations with them regarding her customized products has helped her stay on target and not become overwhelmed.

A particularly rewarding experience for Mood by Sloane was receiving the opportunity to have a moment to meet Jennifer Holliday who ended up supporting, purchasing, and loving her very own one-of-a-kind custom Mood by Sloane design. Mood by Sloane has also been selected to showcase their designs in a storefront free for the first 3 months. While currently waiting for some funding to assist with the growth of her company, Fonda’s long term goal for Mood by Sloane is to open a storefront in Atlanta and New York City.

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