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Sistahs in Business Spotlight: Meet Sasha Bailey of Inurgy Goods

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Inurgy Goods is an alternative and holistic brand committed to the healing and overall wellness of your mind, body, and spirit. Sasha Bailey, Founder and CEO, teaches women how to reconnect with themselves through daily affirmations, meditation, and reprogramming the subconscious mind. Offering candles infused with healing crystals to help evoke your natural healing abilities, Inurgy Goods hopes to restore, realign, and reconnect you to your higher self.

Sasha says infusing healing crystals into candles helps activate the various energy vortexes within the body (root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra), by using the energies within the crystals to do so.

Inurgy Goods' Money Draw candles infused with Aventurine, Citrine, and Pyrite healing crystals can be used to draw in cash flow and abundance. The Blue Lotus Meditation Candles infused with Blue Lotus Flowers and Amethyst healing crystals can be used to enhance your meditation experience by connecting you to your subconscious mind on a deeper level. No Bad Vibes is a protection healing candle, infused with Black Onyx crystals that help absorb and transform negative energy, while preventing the drain of personal energy. Get your chakras in line with the Inurgy Goods below!

Sasha’s personal spiritual journey is what inspired her to start her business. After going through a near death experience while giving birth to her first child and going through severe depression shortly after, Sasha says she found solace in her isolation. It was through this time that she learned how to connect with her higher self through meditation. She also realized in these moments that healing truly starts within you. Obstacles throughout Sasha’s entrepreneurship journey have thankfully been minimal because her beliefs have kept her fateful, allowing her to walk in her purpose and stick true to what she knows.

“Things within business are always in a flow state because I prioritize balance. I know when to rest, I know when to reset, and I know when to go full throttle…in all of those moments I am grounded, never forcing, always flowing.” (Sasha Bailey)

When Sasha first created Inurgy Goods, she didn’t understand the concept of a “target audience.” She believed everyone was her target audience. After meeting with a marketing team, she quickly realized she was doing herself a great disservice by attempting to reach everyone, when in reality, everyone wasn’t interested in what she was selling. Quickly having to pivot and regroup, she focused on her new target audience, women. This was the demographic that she truly wanted to influence and help along their healing journeys.

It can be challenging balancing running a successful business along with life's other demands. Sasha didn't always consider herself an organized person. However, utilizing a daily planner to manage her daily tasks has helped her remain on course. She says giving herself deadlines and outlining the things she needs to do gives her more time to spend with family and doing things that help keep her balanced.

One of the most rewarding moments for Sasha as a Sistahpreneur was when she hosted her very first candle making workshop. It was a surreal experience because she was so nervous thinking no one outside of friends and family would support her and her brand, but God had other plans. To be able to sell out her very first event showed her that anything is possible and that great things definitely come to those who try.

Staying consistent and building and maintaining a strong network has helped Sasha achieve her personal and professional goals overtime. Sasha strongly believes that when people see you constantly showing up for yourself and your business, they’re able to witness your growth, making it easier for them to believe in your vision and continue to support you.

It has been a blessing to have an amazing tribe of friends/sisters, who also touch every type of industry in their respective career fields, says Sasha. Having friends who are full time entrepreneurs, politicians, lawyers, teachers, marketing specialists, full time moms, etc. has helped Sasha gain a wealth of knowledge through her career as an entrepreneur. Having the ability to piggyback ideas, stay up-to-date on industry trends/developments, and receive genuine feedback has been a gift that she does not take for granted or take lightly. She also remains up to date with trends by listening to podcasts, researching YouTube forums and of course, utilizing social media.

Sasha advises fellow Sistahpreneurs reluctant to start their business to just “start where you are!” She confirms everything doesn’t have to be perfect in the beginning because waiting for perfect will have you waiting forever. The most important thing is having faith in yourself and knowing that you will succeed, trust God and trust the process, says Sasha.

“Being able to meet people [who] share how my daily affirmations have helped them reaffirm their inner greatness or how my products help them tap into their already present healing abilities [is] how I truly define success, by all the women I can touch and inspire,” (Sasha Bailey).

When asked about who has mentored her in business, Sasha credits Author & Entrepreneur Candyss Love who after deciding to quit her lucrative career stepped out on faith to start her business and has been able to help heal other women by sharing her story across her platforms. Showcasing her bravery to the world, Sasha hopes to be as inspiring to women as Candyss one day. Also motivating Sasha throughout her entrepreneurship journey has been several books including, The 12 Spiritual Laws Of Success, Think and Grow Rich, and

So, what’s next for Inurgy Goods? Well, Sasha’s next desired venture is to dive into public speaking, serving communities, meeting more women and hosting her own women empowerment events where she can interact directly with her audience.


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