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Sistahs in Business Spotlight: Meet Timisha Tross of Tross, LLC.

Timisha Tross, solopreneur and proud owner of Tross, LLC. is a talented author, striking speaker, and a skilled occupational therapy practitioner. Tross is an online resource coaching services website specializing in personal, spiritual, and educational success and development. Timisha strongly believes, “True freedom begins within oneself, and God, the ultimate creator, has blessed each and every one of us with unique gifts and a purpose that leads to prosperity and peace.”

Timisha was first introduced to the concept of God at an early age and has always had a deep empathy for people, loathing wasted potential. As a certified occupational therapy assistant, she felt a strong calling to help those along their healing journey, from injury to recovery. Witnessing her patients' progress brought her a great amount of bliss and a refreshing renewed sense of purpose. However, somehow she couldn't shake the feeling that God was pushing her to do more.

Working in the healthcare field, Timisha noticed lots of patients often being reduced to mere numbers, intensely impacting the overall quality of care being provided. Once she noticed the obvious neglect, Timisha decided to not only address physical needs but the spiritual aspect of healing as well. Timisha says her purpose serves as helping others find and profit from their God-given purpose.

Motivated by these convictions, Timisha established Tross, a comprehensive online coaching service committed to supporting individuals in finding their purpose, accomplishing spiritual growth, and reaching educational success. Through Tross LLC, Timisha strives to bring value and holistic care to those she serves.

One of Timisha’s greatest challenges as an entrepreneurial woman of color was overcoming the belief that she deserved to be happy and financially prosperous. She firmly believes, “It is possible to have it all without everything falling apart. You can attain the house, car, fulfilling relationships, and the time you desire.”

Growing up, Timisha observed her father working relentlessly, often taking on two or three jobs in order to make ends meet. She also observed the toll it took on his health, family, and overall happiness. Insistent on not making the same mistakes, Timisha made a mindful decision to create a lifestyle that allowed for passive income, enabling her to be present for her children and husband while still running her own business.

Timisha says although she is still on a journey towards financial freedom and balancing all aspects of life, she has been able to develop a roadmap to help smoothen the ride. Her ultimate goal is to transition from being a solopreneur to assuming the role of CEO within her company. She aims to achieve this by implementing a streamlined process that will allow her to lead an easier, well-rounded lifestyle.

The best advice Timisha offers to others facing similar obstacles is to, “Remain within God's will, honor Him, follow His commands, and maintain a daily relationship with Him and take steps towards the hope God has placed within your heart regardless of your culture and socioeconomic status as you walk in faith, your path will gradually become clearer.”

Carefully choosing who she surrounds herself with, Timisha is always ensuring that they are both uplifting and aligned with her aspirations at all times. She is not afraid of setting boundaries and effectively communicating her expectations and needs to her family and friends. Timisha strongly believes these strategies help foster healthier relationships which help her to build and maintain a strong network, both personally, and professionally.

Timisha experienced the need to pivot her business strategy and accept adaptability once she realized she had been solely relying on her personal strength without consulting God. Regrettably, she neglected proper planning and the establishment of important systems and strategies that truly aligned with her business. However, once Covid-19 hit, Timisha was reminded that life is filled with uncertainty. By prioritizing her relationship with God, she gained a deeper understanding of herself and her purpose. She began to put into place the necessary structures that would support her entrepreneurial ventures.

Once Timisha experienced the freedom passive income afforded her, she would forever be changed. Seeing her ideas and thoughts materialize into tangible products that people were willing to pay for brought instant satisfaction. In this moment, she knew this was what she wanted to pursue and share with others. Timisha defines success in her business as accomplishing the purpose that God has given her and being able to witness the positive impact she has on the lives of others while glorifying God.

In order to keep up with the latest of industry trends, Timisha says she maintains a humble attitude and remains committed to lifelong learning. She is always actively seeking new strategies and insights that can enhance both her business and her knowledge base. This helps her better serve those she services.

Urging other women of color who are considering starting their own business, Timisha advises, “Take the leap and just do it. Understand that the business you start with will evolve and transform... However, by summoning the courage to take those initial steps, you will embark on a journey of learning and continuous improvement. While it is important not to plunge in blindly, make sure to conduct thorough research. Establish essential tasks, develop productive habits, and set clear goals that will set you on a path towards establishing your business.”

Awarded Speaker: Timisha Tross - Raritan Valley Community College

Apart from her ultimate mentor, God, there are several other individuals who have played major influential roles in Timisha’s entrepreneurial journey. To name a few, Courtney Sanders, a life and business coach, has provided valuable coaching business guidance for Timisha as well as Iyana Vanzant and Phillip Mitchell, the lead pastor of 2819 church. Timisha claims their collective intelligence has significantly influenced her growth and development as an entrepreneur.

The books that have greatly helped Timisha include the Bible, the writings of Myles Munroe, Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance by Steve Harvey, and James Clear's Atomic Habits. Timisha also listens to motivational and business-oriented podcasts, especially The Courtney Sanders Podcast.

The next phase for Tross entails growth, says Timisha. Currently, Timisha is writing another book specifically catered to the occupational therapy profession. Additionally, she is actively gaining knowledge in the instructional design industry, aiming to enhance her courses and coaching for adult learners.

Stay tuned to see what's to come!

“Embrace failures as valuable lessons from which you can learn and grow. Remember that progress is made through perseverance and a willingness to adapt. Trust in your ability to navigate the challenges that arise, and keep moving forward on your entrepreneurial path,” (Timisha Tross).


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