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Sistahs in Business Spotlight: Meet Ta’sha Henry of The Good Vibe Collection

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The Good Vibe Collection is a vibrant apparel brand created by Ta’sha Henry, your stylish self accountability advocate. Ta’sha helps women transform their mindset through self accountability and self care because, “You Cute, but Your Attitude Sucks!” (Ta’sha Henry). The Good Vibe Collection’s mission is to spread positive energy with style through fashion accessories and apparel.

Born and raised in Essex/Union County, NJ, Ta’sha always had a thing for fashion. She says she gets it from her mama! She was a medical coder for Newark Beth Israel hospital when she decided to take a leap of faith by moving to Atlanta with her husband. Ta’sha then signed up for a Fashun 101 class which led her to become an intern to celebrity fashion stylist and boutique owner, Shun Melson. She was also blessed with being promoted to Shun’s assistant. During this time, Ta’sha learned a wealth of information on how to build her own personal wardrobe stylist and closet organization brand and decided to create Stylish Eye Diva.

One day, Ta’sha’s mentor Koereyelle asked her what products she would sell when she didn’t have clients. Ta’sha had never really thought about it and was under the impression that she would always have clients. A light bulb instantly switched. She thought of these bracelets she had been recently wearing that everyone had fallen in love with while interacting with her behind the scenes. It was when one of her other mentors, Sabrina suggested naming her bracelets 'The Good Vibe' bracelets, that they would go on to become a collection of accessories and apparel known as The Good Vibe Collection.

Staying true to her authentic self is what has helped Ta’sha build and maintain a strong support network throughout her journey as an entrepreneur. She has been blessed with a circle of amazing people both professionally and personally who have also contributed to her successes. Being there for her support system is just as important to Ta’sha as receiving their support, if not more. Seeing her team win is what keeps her going because “When My Sistah Wins, We All Win!”®

Some of Ta’sha’s greatest challenges as an entrepreneurial Black woman have been understanding business finances along with learning how to build the foundation of her business. Ta’sha had to learn how to fail in order to succeed and has persevered through trying times, every time. She advises fellow Sistahpreneurs who may be struggling with the same issues to learn about the things most important for their business like studying and monitoring their business finances and inventory.

Ta’sha’s business was built off of Instagram and based on positivity. In 2020, her Instagram, email, and Facebook were hacked and she lost 21,000 followers. She felt as though God was asking her if she was going to quit, or pivot and turn this positive into a negative. Building a deeper relationship with God, Ta’sha ended up creating a lost and found campaign to promote that her page had been hacked but the vibes had to continue!

Being an everyday learner, one thing Ta’sha has not been able to master like most of us has been balance. However, taking things one step at a time has guided her on the right path and kept her on track. Having to juggle the demands of running a successful business along with her personal life has been challenging at times but this does not stop Ta’sha from getting the job done.

Creating to-do lists, prioritizing prayer and workouts, and scheduling family bonding time are among some of the things that make it a bit easier to balance the scale. Ta’sha strongly encourages self care because you can only help others once you have helped yourself. You have to be good, so they can be better.

When asked, “What advice would you give to other women of color who are considering starting their own businesses, but may be hesitant to take the leap?” Ta’sha responded,

“Take a moment to be real with yourself and ask, why am I doing this? Does it align with God’s will for my life? What problem am I solving? When business doesn’t go as planned, can I handle the roller coaster because my purpose is bigger? If you can answer these questions confidently, then go for it and take it one step at a time and focus on your why.”

Ta’sha says there are so many dope women that have inspired her by giving her great business tips that have helped shift the trajectory of her brand. Some of Ta’sha’s favorite mentors are her friends Cindy Lafalaise and Nas Anderson who have helped her tremendously throughout her entrepreneurial journey. Also supporting Ta’sha has been Donni Wiggins, Shun Melson, Milan Harris, Mia Ray, Zakia Blain, Koereyelle Mallard, Lashana West, Crystal Perkins, Sabrina Peterson - The Glam U, Maya Elious, and many others.

Ta’sha makes sure to keep up with her mentors along with companies that align with her brand’s mission. Her brand is what helps keep her inspired. Taking action, signing up for emails, and investing in courses or events is how she stays up-to-date with industry trends and developments. Learning new business strategies along the way have been a major advantage for Ta’sha as an entrepreneur.

Other influential resources that have helped Ta’sha along the way have been:


The Bible


A particularly rewarding experience that was fulfilling for Ta’sha apart from her first in-person and online sale, was meeting someone who recognized her while she was out because they followed her and her brand. To top it off, they were wearing their Good Vibe bracelets and they thanked her for being her genuine self because it inspired them to do the same. Ta’sha defines success in her business as changing the minds and hearts of her customers. Hearing them express how the meaning behind her products has been able to shift their perspective and allow them to look at life differently has been life changing. Nothing amounts to that joy, says Ta’sha.

So, what’s next for Ta’sha and The Good Vibe Collection? A self accountability university going into depth about helping women change their way of thinking and actions through self care, self awareness, and self love should be on the horizon for us soon says our stylish self accountability advocate.

“It’s not just about being cute on the outside, it’s about doing the Heart-Work too!” (Ta’sha Henry)


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