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Sistahs in Business Spotlight: Meet Sheniqua Scott of KiasKrush

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

“Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work, not just a [social media] post!” Sheniqua Scott, KiasKrush

As a self-taught seamstress, Sheniqua Scott from KiasKrush has always loved sewing for her four children. During the pandemic, she decided to share her creativity with the world. She first began sharing her art on Instagram, making sleepwear for children with unique fabrics and eclectic touches. Sheniqua experimented with quirky things like glow-in-the-dark fabrics, and hand stitching custom textiles with different types of embroidery threads.

Things were going well until Sheniqua was faced with personal health issues. After prioritizing her mental and physical health, she wanted to finally get back out there. In early 2022, she attended a gathering where a conversation sparked about crystal puzzles. She had never heard of them so she went ahead and googled "crystal puzzles." That's when she discovered colorful, wooden jigsaw puzzles shaped like animals. She wanted to purchase some for her children, but couldn't find what she was looking for.

However, as a seamstress, if Sheniqua ever couldn't find what she was looking for, she knew she had to create it.

That's how "Hey Pretty Girl" came to fruition. She spent months drawing, creating, and perfecting a character inspired by her daughter, also known as Pretty Girl. It wasn't long before she knew the characters she created represented so much more.

KiasKrush’s current product line boasts educational fun character themed, uniquely shaped wooden jigsaw puzzles, coloring/activity books, paint kits, and


Sheniqua’s 23-year old daughter used to be the primary team member networking at events for KiasKrush. However, she has since moved. As Sheniqua continues to build her brand, she finds herself having to come out of her shell a bit more now, connecting with other brands at these same events. She says it has been a “bittersweet” adjustment.

Sheniqua says her biggest challenge has been trying to do everything on her own to run her business. As a Mamapreneur, she’s conditioned to be Superwoman. From spending hours filling out grant applications, participating at numerous events, and creating endless social media content, she reminds herself that it is okay to ask for help. She now encourages other fellow Sistahs in Business to ask for help.

It is no secret that the journey of an entrepreneurial woman of color is extremely challenging. Due to lack of resources in many of our communities, trying to expand the exposure of your brand from ground zero is not for the faint of heart. Sheniqua motivates other entrepreneurs to use any and all resources available and believes it’s important to keep like minded people around who may also have a similar vision.

When initially receiving the approval email for her consignment application to get her products on The Sistah Shop shelves, Sheniqua was on the phone with her cousin and began getting emotional. As a natural reaction, her cousin began screaming trying to figure out what was happening. Feeling rewarded and elated, Sheniqua was excited for this new chapter on the horizon.

As a Mamapreneur of 3, Sheniqua says it’s important that she unplug as needed. As she constantly works hard to manage her time, she prioritizes and cherishes every moment with her family. Kia and her 10-year old daughter listen to the Traffic Sales & Profit podcast on their drives to school every morning. Another influential podcast for them has been Oprah’s Super Soul, and anything Charlamagne Tha God but Kia says that just might be a Cancer thing ♋.

When asked, “How do you define success in your business, and what are your long-term goals for the future?”

This is what Sheniqua had to say:

“I am passionate about what I create so success in my business is having happy customers. When I hear stories of how they relate to my characters, that's my fuel to keep doing what I am doing! And my favorite is when I hear "I wish there was something like this when I was growing up!"

Sheniqua plans to expand the "Hey Pretty Girl" and "Hey Little Man" collections with additional activities for children. New characters might also be joining us soon, stay tuned!

The Sistah Shop has enjoyed partnering with KiasKrush and the team is excited to see what’s to come!


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