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Summer's Over, But You Can Still Plan Your Getaway!

The summer officially made its exit this week, but if you're like us, vacation is always on the mind! Whether it's a getaway with family, your friends, or a solo trip, these two Sistahs in Business are here to help!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever planned/attended a girls trip and questioned your friendships because they got on your last nerve on vacation! In that moment, you learned that you just can’t travel with everyone. If you’re looking for a group, then The Travel Divas may be your go to. The self-proclaimed “upscale travel for Black women”, was established in 2007 by Shanterria Earley who tried for years to get her business off the ground. Without a mentor, the Atlanta based agent figured out how to gain momentum and the rest is history. Now with a business grossing over $8M in revenue, Shanterria offers a full service agency that can accommodate your group, but also match you with a like-travel minded roommate if you need to leave your friends behind to fully enjoy your experience.

Aretha Mercurius, Founder of A Plus Travel

Since her college days, New York native, Aretha Mercurius, had her sights set on exploring as much of the world as possible. In 2007, A Plus Travel became a means to an end for her and jetsetters alike.

In addition to offering perks, including discounted pricing and an option to pay in installments, Aretha is able to give valuable insight from a Black woman’s perspective when it comes to traveling to certain places; information that isn’t readily available when booking with larger agencies with limited BIPOC representation.

“I've noticed that women of color are sometimes judged differently, depending on the destination. For example, in the Dominican Republic, because Dominican women are also Black or Brown, (there’s a perception) that women of color (from other places) may not be well off. Caucasian women might receive better service because the staff assumes that they have a lot of money to spend on vacation. I've noticed this happens in Greece as well. I'm not only just booking your trip, I offer a service of my experience and/or expertise of said destination."

So ladies, call your girls (or not), pack your bags, and set your sights on your next getaway with the help of The Travel Divas or A Plus Travel!

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