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Black Women led initiative set to create more Black Executives in the Spirits Industry

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

African Americans have an undeniable influence on American culture. We are proven to be forward-thinking and innovative with the ability to influence how Americans choose to spend their money. We are trendsetters who have the innate ability to determine what's cool, attractive, or trendy. In the Beverage and Alcohol Industry, Black people are often used as "Ambassadors" or models for this exact reason, our ability to make brands “look cool.” In return it is very seldom that Black entrepreneurs are sought out to be owners or top executives in the spirits and beverage space.

Dia Simms and Erin Harris, two of the Co-Founders of Pronghorn, realized the lack of representation in the industry and are now on a quest to shift the demographics of executives in this space. Currently, African Americans make up 12% of consumers, 2% of executives and have a 0% acquisitions rate. Pronghorn was established with a mission to, “Create equity in the beverage alcohol industry by fueling industry participation and wealth amongst Black Americans through investment, incubation, and recruitment by 2030. Its goal is to equalize representation and build legacy and wealth for the Black community that will drive total industry impact by removing hurdles, breaking barriers to access and stimulating entrepreneurship. Its ambition is to establish a template on how to effectively diversify any industry.”

Similar to the mantra of The Sistahs in Business Expo, these women understand the value in working together, because “When My Sistah Wins, We All Win!”

Pronghorn is currently in a recruiting phase offering positions for the following roles

To learn more about the initiatives of Pronghorn visit

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