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4 Black Women-Owned Products To Try Before Summer Ends

Summer, Summer, Summer-tiiiime (ya’ll know Will Smith is uncancelled when the weather heats up) is well underway, but it’s not too late to stock up on some much needed items to make you feel and look cool.

As Black women, we “summer” a lil’ different, having to protect our beautiful melanin and hair, while keeping up with everything else. Here are 4 brands, created by fellow Black women who get it and are contributing to making your life easier this summer and beyond!*

Kinda hard to get your hot girl summer on, when your skin is looking ashy, like you’ve rubbed pancake batter all over your body! Fortunately, sunscreen products made by and for us have seen an uptick over the last decade. Black Girl Sunscreen is definitely a part of the conversation. Founded in 2016 by Shontay Lundy, the Newburgh native saw a need and an opportunity to “speak directly to Black and Brown girls in that space,” according to her feature in Women’s Health Mag. Today, BGS is sold in 200 Target stores, along with Black Girl Sunscreen Kids for the little ones. Consider BGS a viable option for keeping your melanin looking melanated.

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Right now while you’re reading this, there is a Black woman somewhere getting her hair braided or googling “protective hairstyles,” because really, it’s hot…who has the energy? But, even protective styles need protection from the sand, salt and chlorine. Just this year, Monique Little, CEO and founder of You Go Natural, took her chance on Season 14 of Shark Tank and got Mark Cuban to bite! The Dallas based hair care business, which mainly focuses on swimming turbans and headbands, launched in 2016 and has steadily grown. So Queen, if you need a crown at the pool, You Go Naturals may be right for you.

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If you are partaking in any poppin’ concerts or festivals this summer, please don’t be the one spreading your unpleasant fragrance when you “wave your arms in the air, like you just don’t care." Luckily, Chantel Powell’s, Play Pits, does care and got you covered! In 2018, what started out as an all natural deodorant inspired by her then 6 year old son, who smelled like a “grown man” after sports practice, Play Pits has expanded to serve adults too with its own Queen product line for the ladies. In fact, you can purchase the trio pack to make sure the whole family stays fresh!

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We’re all adults here and can admit that every part of the body sweats, even our lady parts! Once upon a time, options were scarce besides the usual feminine products, but now with an influx of women entrepreneurs, there are multiple options in the marketplace. Created in 2017 by OB/GYN, Dr. Barb Mclaren, and ex-pharma sales professional, Kimba “The Natural Diva” Williams, Kushae is a one stop shop with wipes, cleansers, sprays, suppositories and more. Most importantly, the products are free from parabens, sulfates and other harmful chemicals. Might be time to treat the coochae with Kushae (you know you were thinking it too!)

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